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MCEM Exam Prep is a resource designed for Emergency Medicine trainees sitting the MCEM examination.

The MCEM Part A database contains over 1800 4-part multiple choice questions, making a total of more than 7200 individual questions. The MCEM Part B database contains over 350 short answer questions. Our question banks have been written using our own experiences from sitting the MCEM exam and have also now been updated to reflect recent changes in the Royal College of Emergency Medicine curriculum.

The question banks are continually being updated and expanded to ensure the highest quality questions that closely represent those you will see in the examination itself.

All subscriptions also come with a free eBook copy of the Complete Revision Guide for the MCEM exam.

What Doctors Are Saying

" I found MCEM Exam Prep very helpful when preparing for the part A examination. In my opinion this is the best online revision site available for this difficult exam. Thank you for providing this invaluable resource! " Dr Nebras Yahya A&E Middle Grade, Surrey
" This website is a superior and more exam relevant revision tool than any of the other available preparation websites. The MCQs are challenging and exam oriented with detailed explanations, which are easy to memorize. In the end, I congratulate all of the MCEM Exam Prep team for making such a wonderful website. " Dr Rizwan Riyaz Emergency Medicine Doctor, Saudi Arabia
" I just want to thank you for all your help with the part B MCEM, which I passed recently. You are simply fantastic! " Dr Javaid Iqbal Emergency Medicine Doctor, UK

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